Why join our programs?

They say faith without action is second to none, and who are we to disagree.

We not only believe in our community but also working towards providing them with the total respect and evaluative service to cater for not only the present but also their future.

How do we do this? Well, it's very transparent, we catalogue a monument of cross generational programs that help educate, clean, visualize and illuminate participants.

Our hands on approach enables us to pin point various issues raised and bring us together in various forums where we take part in discussions that provides us with better solutions for the community.

Current Programs

Take a look at our programs

We value our community both inhouse and around us, we make sure that we do our part in bettering those that relay on us whether directly or inderectly.

  • Techskilld Academy

    An online learning platform for young minds to learn different courses on programming, design and get certified at the end.

  • Techskilld Events

    Meet up with diverse groups of brilliant minds and build a strong network with our weekly events held online through zoom.

  • Techskilld Space

    A virtual incubation program for new talents, startups to collaborate with mentor and come up with unique solution for african problems.

  • Techskilld CSR

    We trust our community and we believe that our relationship is and should be reflected in the services we give back.

  • Partners

    Be part of our growing family

    As a growing company we believe that great minds think alike and two is better than one. Join us as a partner today and enjoy our great journey of technology transformation and immense productivity.

    Partner with us
    • Diaspora University Town
    • Daktari Biotech
    • Concept Construction
    • D U T CREDIT