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About our products

Techskilld products range from software to online applications that are not only web-based but also flexible for mobile use.

We provide an established shelf of custom products and services implemented with our unique state-of-a-art cloud technology that will not only solve our user problems but also grow and expand their businesses.

We share our promise to the world through these products and ensure that we continue to improve and maintain them with the latest technologies to fit the current market.

Our price tags favors the ever growing world market and are not limited to geographical landscapes.

Products Showcasing

Apps, SaaS and Solutions

  • Cashflow

    A modern online banking software, built with state-of-the-art cloud technology and bank-grade SSL encryption to meet all-sized banking needs.

  • Flexwork

    An automate Human Resource Web application crafted to manage, simplify HR operations and build a happier workforce across all-sized companies.

  • Stockable

    An enterprise inventory SaaS product that helps growing businesses to increase sales and keep track of every unit in their inventory.